Thoughts lead to ideas and ideas create opportunities. Our thoughts led us to coming up with this idea, the one about giving you the opportunity to let us be used. And this happened to be on a couch, and yes, there were potato chips.
Hence the name 'couchpotato' media.
So keep thinking !!!
We serve professional and commercial communities, from doctors to game developers, from journalists to jewellery dealers, from farmers to pharmacists around the world with media products that integrate events, online, print and business information.

We are no more than your ordinary joes, doing beyond ordinary chores. We are, a start-up team filled with crazy youngsters bursting with passion, energy, zeal and other awesome things along with some solid work experience in our respective fields.

Its a complete package of creativity and contemporary output which will help you create the perfect platform to execute your brand.

Couch Potato Media deals with all important media product categories and creative services. We endeavor to create not only world-class products and services, but also long lasting relationships with our clients.

The core team works towards a common goal of productivity and effectiveness. We work together to create the best media solution for your brand and yet in the most cost-effective way.

Right from macro-level planning to a well structured perfect execution, we work as a team, going hand in hand. As we believe, success lies in the values.

"We are open and capable to create new dimensions in the world of media. With the help of an established team, we take up initiatives for the development and application of knowledge and creativity in the new generation of media and marketing."